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Photographer, Videographer, Marketer

You could pretty much say I'm a zach-of-all-trades, having worked as a marketer, social media manager, woodworker, and now videographer/photographer.


I cut my video production chops producing marketing videos  for Lollapalooza and then Google when I moved to the Bay Area. As a longtime photographer, I needed my hands on a camera, so I launched a video program while running social media marketing for one of the most successful Food Co-ops in California.


Around the same time, I co-created a hair product called Tinge Pastel which landed in national retailer Urban Outfitters in the second year. Video and social media were critical to our success.

Content creation is my happy place. I'm so stoked to be producing top-tier content for some of the best businesses and Real Estate agents in Northern California. 

If you like my work and vibe, please do not hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to collaborating on something great soon...

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